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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

February 14th, 2012 — 1:06am

Oh how I love Valentine’s Day! Such a great excuse to pause for a moment, remember the ones we love, and create something… a note, a card, a piece of art…. to express our feelings and appreciation. This Valentine’s I thought I’d post about a sweet menu that I created for Chez Panisse Restaurant. Alice, the owner, created a wonderful tradition of giving each couple, dining on Valentine’s Day, the most perfect bouquet of violets (one of Alice’s favorite flowers). So it seemed fitting to create a menu featuring an old botanical image of violets, I painted each menu with watercolor and gouache. I hand-lettered the menu in a style inspired by one of my hero’s, Ludovico delgi Arrighi, an Italian master from the 16th century.
Here’s a photo of one of those sweet bouquets! So romantic!
Beautiful cases of violets delivered to the restaurant.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you all take a moment to express your love to those close to your heart.

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Spring Wedding

February 3rd, 2012 — 5:00pm

I took a walk this morning with my dog, Lola, and was astounded by the cherry/plum blossom trees in my neighborhood! They were full of blooms and the scent in the air was so fresh and alive, it made me think of the wedding suite I designed for Bridget & Peter.
Bridget wanted to do an early spring theme for her wedding. She told me “…springtime in New York… the plum and cherry blossoms start to bloom and grass begins to peak up from the ground which is charming. I also like the concept of a new marriage and new beginnings that are represented in spring.” She wanted a soft “Easter palette” of buttery yellows, pale purples, plum colored ink and “tea stained paper“.
I had never tea stained paper before but the idea sounded beautiful… I was curious to give it a try!
The results were beautiful, each invitation a slightly different shade… however, I must admit it was very labor intensive… not sure if I would challenge it again. I ended up having to steam iron each card by hand to get it to lay flat before I could silkscreen and letterpress print them!
I was able to find gorgeous Italian envelopes in the perfect colors. Below is the response card and envelope. I’m so happy Spring, once again, is in the air!

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