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Wedding In Oaxaca

September 30th, 2010 — 2:50pm

I have always wanted to tell the story behind my dear friend, Maria’s, wedding invitation design. The above image is the incredible reference/inspiration material that Maria first brought to me. She had found this invitation, from Mexico circa 1939, amongst her Grandmother’s things. The moment I saw it I knew I had died and gone to heaven! The design is so spectacular and unusual. The hand-lettering, as well, is so interesting… I had never really seen anything like it. I loved studying every detail and recreating the design for Maria and Darius.

Here is the invitation that I created. I hand-lettered the new text which remained written in Spanish. The translation of the wording is so beautiful, with both the parents of the groom (on the right) and the bride (on the left) inviting you to “witness the interlacing of their children”. Just the word “interlacing” conjures up such romantic emotion! The vine dangles symbolically, separating the bride’s and groom’s families until the mention of their wedding day, at which point, the vine ends and the text comes together to create a singular point. The initials at the top also create a “crossing over” with the groom’s initial on the bride’s side and vice-versa … such symbolism! I replaced the initials with an “M” and a “D”… for Maria and Darius.

Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán

I redrew the header illustration and decorative elements. Their wedding took place in Oaxaca, Mexico so we decided to have the header illustration feature a church that is very prominent there; Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

Here is the RSVP card. I love all the unique decorative symbols mixed into the wording.

I love how the return address design fit the flap of the envelope perfectly.

Here is the menu for their wedding day feast! I was so fortunate to attend this wedding, truly one of the most amazing weddings ever! Thank you Maria, love to you both.

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Turmoil and Triumph Release Party

September 14th, 2010 — 12:26pm

If you didn’t get a chance to see the PBS 3-part documentary series on George P. Shultz, you should. It is very well done and gives some remarkable insight.
I was extremely fortunate to work with Charlotte Shultz (Mr. Shultz’ wife) on designing the menus, place cards and movie posters (shown above) for the release party. I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to hand-letter all the wording in old “film poster styles” from the 50′s. The headline is playfully sensationalized in that “early film poster tone of voice”… and at the same time, accurate. After seeing the film, I think you’ll agree.

For the place cards, I created tent cards that were fashioned after old theater tickets.

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Carmel Valley Wedding

September 2nd, 2010 — 3:59pm

The weather is so dreamy today… it seemed appropriate to post about this wedding invitation. The wedding took place on a beautiful ranch in Carmel Valley… almost one year ago to the day. I love how the illustration became a dreamy backdrop for the invitation wording, creating an inviting scene which draws you in, walks you through the trees and along the path to a magical event. Happy Anniversary Michelle and Peter!

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