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Tea Time – Molly Hatch

May 25th, 2011 — 2:36pm

Today seems like the perfect day to share a wonderful project that I did for Lola Home Store. It is pouring rain and I feel inspired to make myself a pot of tea, which I always serve in my cherished cups and bowls by Molly Hatch!
Lola Home Store
is a gorgeous local shop offering unique and beautifully designed items for the home and personal use. The store also hosts inspiring shows featuring various artist’s work. I have been very fortunate to work with Lois, the owner, on creating invitations, announcements, and posters for these events.
The image above is a tea pot shaped poster that I created to announce an opening reception for ceramic artist, Molly Hatch. I loved studying and recreating Molly’s illustrated floral motifs. Her designs are amazing!

Here is a picture of my coveted tea cup and cafe bowls by Molly… I love that her designs are playfully placed inside, around, and even on the bottom of her pieces…
true works of art!
This particular project was very special to me because, not only, did I get to meet the lovely & talented Ms. Molly Hatch, I also got the opportunity to work with Matt Pavlovcic on creating my first animated invitation! Matt, also lovely and talented, animated my illustrations and hand lettering to create a charming “e-vite”. Please click here to check it out. Stay warm and dry!

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