Día de los Muertos

Today I wanted to share a more personal post on Day of the Dead, a celebration that I have loved forever. My boyfriend, Marc, and I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico last year to revel in the festivities. We had such an incredible time, as shown in the above photograph!
I’ve always been interested and inspired by this holiday. I love the thoughtful rituals involved; visiting and decorating the grave sites of our deceased family members and friends, gathering together to remember and celebrate with delicious food and lively music, building personal altars with abundant offerings, photographs, flowers, candles, and favorite things and possessions of the deceased. In Oaxaca, these altars are in every doorway, restaurant, little shop, everywhere!
Every square inch of the city is decorated and alive. Everywhere you look, a feast for the eyes!
At night, everyone visits the cemeteries, which are beautifully decorated for the occasion. Candles are everywhere creating a welcoming and magical environment. The energy feels mindful, but at the same time, very festive and playful. People enjoy meals sitting around the grave sites while Mariachi bands play, children and adults alike parade through the streets in magnificent costumes, there are free concerts, public art displays, and performances everywhere you look!
Here are just a few examples of the people I met and photographed, taking part in the exciting procession across town!

Back at our bed & breakfast, Hotel Azucenas, the candles were glowing on the altar we had all built together (the owner, Donna, and other wonderful guests who were staying there). It was a beautiful sight and a very special experience to have created it in the memory of all our loved ones who have past away.
I don’t want to start advertising things and businesses on my blog site, but in this case, I feel compelled to say that if you have any interest in going to Oaxaca and witnessing this magical holiday with your own eyes, I highly recommend checking out Hotel Azucenas as a place to stay.
Donna Radtke, the owner, is a fantastic woman and host (that’s Marc and I with Donna above…I love the wind spirits blowing through our hair!). It is a lovely place to stay and the staff feel like family.
We had the time of our lives :)

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